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AdrianChira.com is the personal blog of, you guessed, Adrian Chira, a former medical doctor, now an personal branding & online identity strategist . The contents reflect my personal opinions.


© 2009 – 2013 by Adrian Chira.


Because I do advisory work, run seminars, and do paid speaking in the world that I write about, there are inevitable conflicts. I have friends in some of the organizations that I discuss on this site, as well as in my writings and on the speaking circuit, and I have run seminars or advised some of the companies mentioned in the site.

When there is a potential conflict, I will call it out at the bottom of the post like this.

Previous employers

Prior to starting my own business in 2011, I held the following full time jobs:

  • Bancpost S.A.: Executive Manager Marketing, Alternative Channels of Distribution and Retail Control
  • Unicredit-Tiriac Bank SA: Head of Retail Products
  • HVB-Tiriac Bank SA: Head of Retail Products
  • HVB Bank SA: Head of Retail Sales
  • Media Sound Advertising: Outdoor and Print Manager


Review policy

I almost never review products (such as software) so please do not ask.

I occasionally review books on this site.

Comment policy

  • I try to maintain a free and open environment.
  • I welcome comments on this blog. Your comments should be appropriate to the post that you are commenting on
  • By commenting you are granting the blog owner license to the content of the comment.
  • I maintain the right to delete inappropriate comments.
  • I will not remove a “negative” comment.
  • I will remove comments that are inappropriately off topic, comments that contain personal attacks, comments that are clearly spam (trying to sell a product without adding value to a discussion), and comments with excessive profanity.
  • If you do not use your full name in a comment, I do require a valid email address.


Information for Public Relations professionals

  • Feel free to email information that you think I may be interested in based on reading this site or my other sites. A Twitter DM (@adrianchira) is also a good way to reach me.
  • I greatly appreciate personal pitches that you craft especially for me based on what I write and speak about.
  • I do not appreciate broadcast pitches or press releases in areas that I do not cover.


Contact information

There are many ways to contact me: 




Thank you,

Adrian Chira